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Information for Parents

“Stop the Groomer” is designed to encourage conversation between you and your child about sexual abuse, inappropriate sexual behavior, and particularly the subtle Grooming behaviors of abusers. Awareness of these individual's grooming of children is key to reducing the incidents of child sexual abuse.

As a result of viewing the information in the app, your child might disclose abuse. If this happens, it will likely be a relative or a person close to your family — someone you might believe is incapable of child sexual abuse. Believe your child, and seek professional help. Do not confront the person — allow the authorities to do their job of investigating.

If you or others viewing this have been sexually abused, the material in “Stop the Groomer” might bring up memories and thus the feelings associated with abuse. If this occurs, please seek professional help.

The stigma associated with Sexual Abuse helps maintain silence. It’s time to speak up. It’s time to protect children. It’s time to stop the groomer!

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