How will you teach your kids about sexual abuse?

We all know it's important, but it can be hard to find the right words, and what if your kids don't listen or understand?

Wouldn't it be great if a professional therapist gave you the right words, in a format your kids would like? That's what "Stop the Groomer" does! It:

  • Explains sexual abuse
  • Teaches kids to spot a sexual abuser's "grooming" tactics
  • Tells kids what to do if they get abused
  • Gives tips to keep them safer
  • Has 27 quiz-like scenarios so kids can practice what they learned

Stop the Groomer is also great for parents to learn from, then discuss with your kids. See info for parents or the press kit.

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Screenshots of the Stop the Groomer app.
"The app is fantastic and full of really valuable info to help kids better understand a very serious issue!"
- Kathy, mom in St. Louis
"It's a great tool to engage young people in discussions about psychosexual education, boundaries, prevention and support on challenging topics. "
- Haley, LCSW, Pediatric Clinician
"Stop the Groomer helped make a difficult conversation with my kids so much easier."
- Mark, dad in Boston

About the Team

Photo of David Sakumura

David Sakumura is a father of 5, grandfather of 3, long-time gymnastics coach and owner of Lawrence Gymnastics & Athletics. Years ago, his family was traumatized by sex abuse, and he has worked to protect and develop strong kids throughout his life. This app was David's idea, and he's hoping it can help kids fight sexual abuse.

Photo of Mark Steiner

Mark Steiner, father of 3 daughters, is a child & family therapist in private practice who has worked with children, teens, and families for over 30 years. Mark provided the content for the app.

Photo of Corey Stone

Corey Stone, product designer and father of 4 (including a son and daughter coached by David!), designed the app and got it built with some help from Armelline. Corey is also the founder of HERO Keyboard and Cheermoji.

Photo of Corey Stone

Dushko Zafirovski is a professional illustrator, cartoon, and comics fan who was proud to illustrate this important project.