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New App to Help Kids Spot, Stop, & Report Sexual Abuse

App inspired by the Larry Nassar tragedy

For Immediate Release: Lawrence, KS — September 8, 2018

When Lawrence Gymnastics gym owner and father-of-five David Sakumura heard about the Larry Nassar tragedy, he was sad – and angry. As someone with sexual abuse in his family history and who always worked hard to create a safe environment in his gym, he wanted to not just commiserate – he wanted to create something to help prevent sexual abuse.

"The one who got caught is in the news, but there are still many other predators out there. I want to help protect kids from the predators who have not been caught."
- David Sakumura

But how? Sakumura first called his former high school gymnastics teammate Mark Steiner, who is now a father of three and family therapist with 30 years of experience helping sexual abuse victims. Then he called Corey Stone, a product designer whose daughter he coaches. Together, they created the Stop the Groomer iOS/Android app.

While many abuse-prevention resources are for parents and coaches, Stop the Groomer educates kids directly through a game-like interface with professionally written content that:

  • Explains sexual abuse
  • Teaches kids to spot a sexual abuser's "grooming" tactics
  • Tells kids what to do if they get abused
  • Gives tips to keep kids safer
  • Has 27 quiz-like scenarios so kids can practice what they learned

The free iOS/Android app is live now, and has already been featured by the Apple App Store. Links to download the app are at stopthegroomer.com

For more, contact:

David Sakumura

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